Tenant Spotlight: Social Venture Partners Tucson

Social Venture Partners Tucson builds powerful relationships among people and organizations that make our world a better place by cultivating effective philanthropists, funding and strengthening nonprofits, and investing in collaborative solutions to social challenges.

SVP Tucson partners with local nonprofits, called “investees” that work to tackle some of our society’s most entrenched issues. Through their capacity building program, they provide multi-year general operating support as well as skilled volunteers who help organizations to transform and maximize their potential.

SVP Tucson is a proud tenant of the Community Foundation Campus.  Alisa Hayward, SVP Tucson’s Senior Administrative Assistant, shared that, “We love the downstairs event space, which has been a wonderful place for us to hold our events. The Campus is always buzzing with new and exciting nonprofit events, and everyone is a joy to work with. There is always something going on here. And the mountain views from our office are an extra bonus!”

In 2015, the organization launched Fast Pitch: a program that assists Southern Arizona nonprofits with fundraising messages, communication, donor and community outreach. To date, Fast Pitch has mentored 60 nonprofits and generated more than $600,000 in awards, grants, and donations; $800,000 in media exposure; and $1 million worth of skills training for nonprofits.

Being a Fast Pitch Mentor is a meaningful way to learn more about some of Tucson’s most innovative nonprofits and support their growth and impact in our community. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out to John-Peter Wilhite at john-peter@svptucson.org.