Person sitting in a chair with a headset on. smiling in front of their work station.

Tenant Spotlight: San Miguel High School

San Miguel High School’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is so happy to be part of the Community Foundation Campus!

San Miguel is a private Catholic school with a college and career preparatory program that employs a unique work-study model in order to cover almost 40% of each student’s high school tuition. In light of the increased demand for remote workers, we are thrilled to have created a professional workspace for our remote student-workers at CF Campus. The professional environment will ensure our student-workers have the tools and resources to  support their companies.

On August 2nd, the Corporate Work Study Program at San Miguel High School opened its first off-site hub for remote workers at CF Campus!  The office can accommodate 14 student-workers as well as a staff supervisor. At this time, we have 28 remote student-workers that work out of the remote work space throughout the week. Our San Miguel Students arrive around 8:30 a.m. and leave at 4:00 p.m.

San Miguel High School’s staff and students look forward to meeting everyone and being part of the CF Campus community.

If your organization is searching for additional employees, please consider San Miguel student-workers! For more information, please contact Samantha Miller, VP of CWSP, at