Tenant Spotlight: Go For Vertical

Go For Vertical is a technology and venture accelerator, which means they help innovators conceive and create technology and launch new ventures without requiring funding. They have a mission to bring agency to everyone through the use of technology, not just large, well-funded organizations that can afford to pay for it, because it can be very expensive. This includes non-profits especially!

Go For Vertical has just launched a new workforce development program in partnership with Community Investment Corporation and Transmosis, a Phoenix-based workforce training company, to bring IT job training and certification to Tucson’s’ underserved communities, specifically the unemployed, those impacted by COVID-19, disadvantaged minorities, and veterans. The first cohort of 8 students will launch at the end of this month, and upon completion, they will be able to be placed in high-demand jobs paying $40-$55k per year. Go For Vertical is planning on expanding this program next year, and also offering additional training in Cybersecurity, another high-paying job skill. They would love to help more non-profits with technology!

The best way to contact Go For Vertical is at their website: https://www.goforvertical.com.  They shared they are so thankful to be a Virtual Member of the Community Foundation Campus because it’s a great community of like-minded organizations, and also such a beautiful space that’s in a central location.