Tenant Spotlight: Center for Community Dialogue & Training

Some might say conflict is stressful, harmful, or even see it as an opportunity. Whatever your response, there’s no question that conflict is inevitable in human interactions and something we all need to handle effectively.

That’s where the Center for Community Dialogue & Training can help.  A program of Our Family Services, the Center’s mission is to transform conflict by helping Tucsonans navigate challenging issues in skilled, civil, and respectful ways through mediation, facilitation, communication training, and events that build skills and spread constructive dialogue.

Drawing on a pool of skilled volunteers, the Center works with individuals and groups of all sizes to empower people to speak their truth (and know it is understood) and to recognize the humanity of the other person.  This is the secret sauce of conflict transformation.

The Center is so excited to join the CF Campus community!  Please join us on September 25, 2019, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm, to celebrate the Center’s new home and 40 years of serving the southern Arizona community.