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Tenant Spotlight: MicroCare Community Development Solutions

MicroCare Community Development Solutions’ (MicroCare) mission is to lower poverty rates, promote economic opportunities, and create financial well-being for marginalized and distressed communities, including rural areas, through accessible capital and financial services/support across Pima county.

Specifically, they aspire to foster economic and community development, social entrepreneurship, and job creation via micro-lending to low-income entrepreneurs, focusing on the most underserved communities. 

As MicroCare has established itself in the regional economic environment, their position in the community has given them a unique vantage point to understand changing community needs. Specifically, the community, and the research, confirms that entrepreneurs marginalized by color, economic status, immigration status, gender, or zip code need more support to succeed. 

MicroCare’s decision to rent space and be part of the CF Campus family has contributed significantly to building the organization’s capacity. Through its platforms, CF Campus has introduced MicroCare to various opportunities such as scholarships, grants, and qualified pools of volunteers.

For more information about how MicroCare can help small business owners looking to start or expand their business through microloans and financial technical assistance programs, visit MicroCare’s website or Facebook.