Empty office suite with wood floors.

RFP: CF Campus Seeks Contractor

CF Campus is ready to start construction again! We have selected an architect for our suite buildout project and now we need a contractor.

Community Foundation Campus LLC (Campus), an Arizona Limited Liability Company, is looking for a contractor to build out 4 vacant suites to vanilla shell, according to Larry Click and Associates specifications, on our property at 5049 E Broadway Blvd (Suites 115, 117, 127, 137). The Community Foundation Campus is a nonprofit hub with offices, event space, and conference rooms for our nonprofit community. The main building (A) houses the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and up to twelve other nonprofit organizations inside. The two out-lying buildings (B & C) on Campus are approximately 4,500 square feet each. Buildings B and C each have four adjacent office suites that range from 1,088-1,120 square feet.

There are currently nonprofit tenants in four of the eight suites in our out-lying buildings, specifically suites 105, 107, 125, and 135. The build out of our remaining four vacant suites will allow us to offer turn-key office spaces to nonprofit organizations. The organizations that rent our offices will not only have class A space, but they will become a part of a greater network of nonprofit professionals that collaborate andshare resources within our community on Campus.

Find the official RFP documents here. Please contact Chelsey Johnson with any questions at (520) 770-7898.