Tenant Spotlight: Generations Communication Centers

CF Campus tenant Generations Communication Centers operates under the Creative Communications Learning Advisory Council (CCLAC), an educational nonprofit that brings together youth, working adults, and seniors in meaningful interactions that benefit all.

CCLAC’s belief is that intergenerational partnerships foster social interaction, information exchange, and work skill development, allowing participants to expand horizons and prepare for a new frontier, careers, or hobbies. Youth’s communication, problem-solving, leadership skills, and potential for future employment are enhanced; working adults and seniors benefit by receiving one-on-one personalized, leading-edge information exchange, technical assistance, and community engagement.

CEO Mike Rohrbach shared, “participating in the Campus and being exposed to so many others that are building community services will… allow us to expand our learning process.” Mike added, “CCLAC has a drastically different social venture that we want the community to learn about. Connecting with the other tenants provides us the growth opportunities we are looking for.”