Tenant Spotlight: Educational Enrichment Foundation

For 35 years, the Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF) has been providing resources to expand and enrich student learning in the Tucson Unified School District. EEF’s founders wanted to find a way to offer student resources beyond what the district can provide by focusing on filling gaps for students, whatever those gaps may be. EEF works with the Family Resource Centers and Community Liaisons in each school to strengthen underrepresented and under-supported communities, creating more equal outcomes for all students. By working with on-site individuals, EEF ensures they remain focused on impact areas most needed at the individual and classroom level.

Executive Director, Leslie Edwards says the decision to become a tenant of the CF Campus was easy because it provides them with the resources needed to have the most meaningful impact. As a smaller organization, the professional development and collaboration opportunities at the campus are invaluable.

Edwards shared, “The campus is beautiful and fun. My employees and I feel very appreciated being here surrounded by people who believe in our mission and want to help us grow.”