Tenant Spotlight: Pima County Public Library

“Since taking your great in-person training, I applied for and received a grant for $4,000 from a local Rotary International Club,” says Mark Flanigan of Imago Dei Middle School. By attending an introduction to Finding Grants program at Joel D. Valdez Main Library, Mark learned the skills necessary to secure funding that covered the cost of a new fridge and freezer set. Imago Dei Middle School can now store perishable goods, including fresh fruits and vegetables!

Mark’s story is an example of just one of many ways Pima County Public Library helps our nonprofit community. With the opening of the Community Foundation Campus, where the Library has a dedicated space, Library staff can have an even more significant impact on nonprofits throughout Tucson. In this new space, organizations will find access to effective programs, e-resources, books, reference and grant writing assistance, and social media consultation, giving nonprofits the necessary tools to increase (and reach!) their fundraising goals.

Pima County Public Library at the Community Foundation Campus is open and staffed Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. For a complete listing of programs at the nonprofit campus, please visit the Library’s website.